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Lisa LaJoie

As a professional business intuitive + life leadership strategist, I understand the passion and the stresses that come with running a business.

The universe leads you where you need to be

What does the universe want you to know about your business + life?

The universe beyond what we can see is always sending powerful messages about your business, your life, and your path, but if you have trouble receiving them, you may be missing out on wisdom and opportunities.

I’ve been intuitive and able to tune into the universe for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I turned my innate skills toward helping others that I found my passion and calling in life.

As a business intuitive and strategist, I’m able to tune in, see the possibilities you may not have even considered in your business, and ask the right questions to strategize your next steps and accelerate your success with actionable insights.

We all have a connection to the universal consciousness, but some are gifted with better reception than others — and my reception has always been clear. I am not only a certified coach, but also a clairvoyant and spiritual medium, and I bring all these tools to the table when approaching your biggest questions and problems.

As I child, I knew things about people I couldn’t know, and I didn’t understand for many years that not everyone had the visions of the future that I had. Some of my visions weren’t very pretty, and I didn’t know what to do with them, or how to protect myself.

My childhood was anything but ideal, and at my darkest moment, my soulful instincts, intuition, and warrior spirit joined forces and ignited my power to save myself when no one else would.

It took time for me to realize that what I had was a gift, not a curse, but as my soul showed me divine visions of the freedom and love I could have in my life, I began to embrace my true purpose.

I pulled myself from darkness into the light, and for the past 25 years, I’ve been blessed to be able to do the same for many others, using my natural-born gift of intuition for people — and in the process, saving them from weeks, months, even years of angst in overcoming their own personal darkness.


What We Do Best

One-on-one MENTORING

One-on-one Intuitive Business Building + Strategy Sessions.

mastermind experience

Being a part of a driven tribe of spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to skyrocket and ignite their life and business.

Evergreen Programs

Online courses to gain mindset to success tips, learn evolutionary teachings and the steps to build your business success.


Watch interviews with Lisa about the work she does in the world by helping business owners and entrepreneurs.


Unstoppable consciousness highlights entrepreneurs, evolutionary empaths and empowerment leaders.


Lisa can speak on evolutionary transformation topics, business mystery and intuitive intelligence topics.


Violet Lange

Thank you Lisa for an incredible session last week! I have so much energy and enthusiasm now and total clarity too! I’m excited about the work you helped me map out to launch with my husband. And I’m totally grateful for the guidance about my team–I’ve already made some changes and feel so much more aligned and lighter. I’ve never had so much actionable vision for now and the next 5 years of my life. Watch out world! Thank you Lisa!

Lisa Steadman

Wow. Whew! And Woohoo! I’ve worked with a lot of intuitives, but no one has EVER connected so quickly or so deeply as you did, Lisa. In under two hours, you helped me pinpoint my business blind spots, identified the power projects I should focus on, and helped me create a lasting connection with MY Source Code of Success!

Vanessa Simpson

Wow! I am blown away at the clarity I received from my session among my heart centered biz! Lisa helped me pretty much create almost week to week how to help my clients more efficiently and start creating a strategy to serve my clients better. It was SUCH an enlightening and much needed session! I am so excited to work with her more to sky rocket my purpose and fulfillment serving others!

There’s nothing intangible about my insights for your business.

I love working with business owners like you and watching your brilliance unfold with the right guidance! Soul powered living is the best living and, I believe, the best path to running a business that succeeds on your terms.

Because I can see what others can’t, I help people blast through their blocks, decode everything going on around them, and deliver dynamic strategies to take everything to the next level.

It’s a soul-powered rocket ship ride to freedom, clarity, and joy, and I feel blessed every day to do this divine work helping you to realize your true self!

But a word of warning: I have no time for bullshit. I only work with people, organizations and companies that are ready to work their assets off for massive results.

There’s nothing woo-woo or wishy-washy about what I do (though it is supernaturally fun), and I only work with those who are done with the suffering and ready to take action for rapid transformation.

There are a number of ways that we can work together depending on your needs at this moment in time. Select the service that will best serve your needs. I look forward to connecting with you and downloading the messages waiting for you, answering your question and soulfully being of service.

I can’t wait to guide you on your path to personal discovery.

Lisa XO!

Business Breakthrough Session

The time of struggling your way to success is over and the new way of building your purpose-based business has arrived!

Spiritual High Performance Coaching

90 days of business building. Just what you need to kick start your business transformation to success.

All Access Pass VIP Retainer with Lisa

For the Business Leader who’s ready for a Quantum Leap into success and wealth, hire Lisa on retainer.

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