If you choose to you can work the Full Moon each month to invite and invoke your own transform atonal shifts. By approaching with a positive attitude you can receive the potential power of the moon in your goals, there is much to gained from the moon. We are a Super Moon in Taurus until 8:52 est November 14, 2016. Get on it before that time and you will be amazing at the powers of the moon itself in your life manifesto.

A Taurus moon gives you power to build legacy and longevity, so make those goals have long term meaning. It’s a time to stay grounded and be humble don’t let ego or a sense of self-importance sway you. Instead, be clear, conscious and present this moon will be you a great power to build things with respect of time.

You can choose things such as strengthen and heal any relationship struggles with loved ones, friends or family. Taurus also is the center of communication governing the throat and throat chakra so putting this on your list ask for strength in communication is very good. Taurus also highlights the parent + child bond and the focus of respecting and honoring our close family relationships.

For A type people, entrepreneurs and Souls it is a great ask of the super moon to support your ability to see and stay rooted in life each day. Ask the moon to help you stay centered, focused and steady in the building of your business life.

There is a noticeable change in many of us as this moon approaches on November 14th and you’re likely going to feel much more emotional and deep than usual. All full moons tend to bring out lunar (lunacy) things in all people in the extreme but this ones proximity has been supercharging our feeling and emotions.

Overall, the shift in energy accompanying this November Super Moon can be extremely positive if you use it with sincere and serious intention. If you don’t fight yourself or its power and go with the moons flow, you will better connect with the energy it brings to manifest great change in you and your life. In the end this will lead to some really great things happening in your life, welcome your Super Moon with an open heart and will give you an abundance supply of love and co-creative energy.

Much Love,
Lisa LaJoie

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