A friend wanted me to help the world understand the darkness that starts with a wound in the heart and how we can heal that as global Souls.

What I can not do though is help people who are completely addicted to pharmaceuticals they’re being prescribed from doctors that make them more violent. Or single handedly change gun control laws. I can’t stop street drugs, the results of hallucinogens that make people think they can kill without consequence or that they must kill because their brain has short circuited as a result of drug use.

That’s the sad reality we live in today.

No one wants to feel their pain and doctors and society have conditioned us to believe that we can pop a pill, or numb ourselves out of feeling completely, because pain is bad and we shouldn’t have to deal with pain in any form. This is false and couldn’t be further from the true. We repeat what we don’t repair.

Today more than ever people don’t realize that they’re injecting into their bodies, be if from pharmaceutical or from the street. Street drugs are layered and laced and are killing people at alarming rates and the ones that are escaping death are more insane than ever.

What people need to understand is that when we’re not whole within, we chase instant extreme relief through drugs. Add a gun and you have Las Vegas.

How does this even happen? As humans, we hurt and get hurt and most of the time run from responsibility. Hurt people hurt people and until you can sit still long enough to heal your wound you will keep re injuring yourself and those around you and so the cycle continues.

As a collective we aren’t getting it, sure guns are the problem, violence is the problem, drugs are the problem but at the core unworthiness is the true problem. People are filling their holes with drugs, hate, crime, guns, violence, gangs. It’s our real own nightmare that humanity created with power and greed.

We created this unworthiness train;
We are dying due to it;
We are killing because of it;
We have borders because of it;
We don’t see clearly under its prison;
It is shaping what we tolerate;
It makes us weak;
It shapes our decisions and smart people do stupid things trying to cope with its bondage on their hearts;
We hate due to it;
We judge to feel better from it;
We run. We hide, but can never escape it, until we own it and heal from it.

What can we do? What can you do? Understand that unworthiness is the real weapon and seek to understand your own and what’s driving the people you love.

I grew up surrounded by violence due to my brothers undiagnosed schizophrenia. No one believed me that he was sick, I could feel it emphatically and saw it clairvoyantly I just didn’t have the words to articulate what I saw nor the self esteem back then.

As some of you know because I’ve shared this story before, my childhood was rough as my parents put their head in the sand and didn’t rise to the occasion as parents. Neglect. Rejection. Violence. Sexual abuse. This describes my childhood. My parents didn’t know how to cope, they had their own level of unworthiness inside of them that prevented them from being the protectors and the parents that I needed, that I deserved. They didn’t realize or see that their own unworthiness would impact me and my brother so horrifically, this is true for most people with their head in the sand. Easier to ignore than to change we hold onto what’s familiar even when it’s unhealthy.. Unworthiness causes us to make bad decision for temporary relief. The relief isn’t lasting because we aren’t growing, changing, addressing the real problem we are only masking the symptoms which eventually and always manifest outwardly. Most often in the form of hate and violence.

Unworthiness hurts. It cuts so deep and while one might not mean to outwardly project, do insane things, cause pain, violence and even death it’s a release from the pressure felt within.

I remember seeing the future we live in now, as I’ve always been clairvoyant and it scared me so much that I decided not to have children. I wondered how I could help prevent the manifestation of a world of unworthiness?

I realized it had to start with me facing my own, I had to become one answer and one solution for wholeness. I had to be the voice from within myself calling saying don’t listen to that hole in your soul, listen to the light that you are of wholeness.

Don’t listen to humanity listen to your heart.
Don’t believe your parents if they were unworthy too. They were a part of this epidemic.

Listen to your Grace within;
Listen to your inner Light;
Find your way back to wholeness;
Do whatever it takes and you will be able to help heal the world because as hurt people hurt people, healed people become the healers.

It hurts to write this due to the Las Vegas shootings and the many others. Greed. Mental illness. Fear. They have nothing on unworthiness, as it is the gatekeeper of them all.

I share out of care. I know violence, an old friend I see everyday in the world. But without unworthiness we would have peace. We would all feel a belonging that we long for. Hate would disappear and Love would linger in.

Take a few minutes and look where your own unworthiness might be causing you some unnecessary pain. Heal up, down and all around.

I know this practice well and if you need a little help, I’d love to be your guide and help you help make the world a safer place. For you, for me, for the innocent people dying, for kids ( maybe yours ) who are growing up and don’t stand a chance until we end the cycle, and when would now be a good time to start?


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