I had an intense fear for a long time. I’d seen a cognitive behavioral therapist and even went on anti-anxiety medication to cope. A regular yoga practice allowed me to keep things in check, but it was Lisa’s from Fear to Spiritual Freedom workshop that sealed the deal. In the short afternoon workshop, this fear disappeared. It floated away in an anti-climactic way. I found myself shrugging, detached, as though it was never there in the first place. Pretty incredible. Thank you, Lisa.

Jennifer Berthiaume, Monteal,CA – http://www.bonadeayoga.com

Jennifer Berthiaume, Montreal,CA www.bonadeayoga.com

“Lisa comes from a place of light, and is completely aligned to a higher place.  I have worked with lots of psychic mediums and Lisa doesn’t just give you a reading, she leaves you with great “homework” that you find compelled to explore.

As an intuitive who works in the space of healing, I found Lisa to be the most tuned in healer I ever worked with.  Not only does Lisa totally tune into my higher power, she accurately and completely tapped into the souls of my children and I was blown away by what I learned.

Lisa gets right to the core, and will amaze you with the laser focused insight she leaves you with.  Not only that, but Lisa is very practical and brings solutions that are really meaningful.  I felt my head nodding with almost everything she said.”

Jenny Johnston, Australia – http://jennyjohnston.com.au/

Jenny Johnston, Australia - http://jennyjohnston.com.au/

Lisa LaJoie is an enigmatic, charismatic bundle of charm, warmth and energy. I have had the pleasure of working with her on a few occasions and find her personality intriguing and delightful and her professional skills impressive.

Lisa possesses an innate ability to see past the walls and masks we put up and get to the truth. During my session with Lisa, she was able to see the relationship I had with my deceased twin sister, explain some unanswered questions I had and clarify our relationship. She also shared that my sister’s daughter had not resolved her relationship with her mother and that I had to help her do that, which I did. This has brought great healing to her daughter which helped her become “unstuck” with her feelings towards her mother.

Lisa tells it exactly as it is. She has an amazing ability to see the path we are on professionally and zero in on the direction best to take. This has huge value in today’s business world. Combining both personally and professional healing – Lisa brings a unique approach to the coaching field.”

Wanda Malfara, Montreal,CA – http://www.wandamalfara.com

Wanda Malfara, Montreal,CA - www.wandamalfara.com

Lisa has an incredible gift of helping people gain clarity, focus, happiness, and accountability. I love her refreshing and direct kick ass approach to tapping into exactly what is blocking progress and her ability to help her clients find their fearlessness. I have no doubt that Lisa can help anyone become fierce and successful in life, career, and business. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with me and helping me achieve laser focus and direction for my multiple businesses! You are a true soulspiration!

Ellie K. Borden, Montreal,CA – https://www.rawgoodies.com

Ellie K. Borden, CA - https://www.rawgoodies.com

I have come to understand that rising to full potential and blossoming into greatness takes a community of cheerleaders, advisors, coaches and friends. It is not easy to overcoming obstacles on your own. I am infinitely grateful to Lisa LaJoie for being this mentor to me. Lisa is a master mind. The encouragement and wisdom she has shared with me over the years has given me wings and courage to travel further than I thought possible. Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow

Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow – Montreal, CA – http://yasminyoga.com/

Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow - Montreal, CA - http://yasminyoga.com/

I didn’t know what to expect when working with Lisa but she came highly recommended from a friend and now Lisa has become an integral part of my team. She helps me see where I am stopping myself and how to unblock it. She helps me sort through mental clutter and overwhelm and gives me direction as to which things to focus on in my business that are right for me. She is tough and all love at the same time.

Stacey Hylen, Business Coach – http://businessoptimizercoach.com

Stacey Hylen, Business Coach - http://businessoptimizercoach.com

Lisa LaJoie is absolutely a master at what she does. She over-delivers, which is a rare experience in today’s marketplace. I highly recommend her as she is tapped in and tuned in to her greatness and it will help you bring out yours.

Peggy McColl, Ottawa CA – http://peggymccoll.com


Peggy McColl, Ottawa CA - http://peggymccoll.com

Working with Lisa is Like Having a Secret Weapon up Your Sleeve!

I’ve experienced way too MANY psychics’ readings, clairvoyants and mystics on my search to understand myself and get guidance on my next steps in life and business. Lisa blew my freaking socks off! She channeled my dead father with astounding accuracy. I can`t express what a gift it is to connect with someone you love who has passed on and receive their loving guidance as if they were sitting right next to you.

It`s like someone handing you the biggest piece to your life’s puzzle something you`ve been missing for the last 10 years and then it clicks in, and your vision make perfect sense. From the clarity that has come from Lisa`s readings I have been able to move forward in my business with confidence and clarity knowing EXACTLY what to focus my attention and energy on. Jump on the chance to work with Lisa she is a brilliant and talented intuitive, her gift is like nothing I have ever experienced. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Vanessa Simpkins, Los Angeles, US – http://www.takeyourpowerbacknow.com

Vanessa Simpkins, Los Angeles, US - www.takeyourpowerbacknow.com

Wow. Whew! And Woohoo! I’ve worked with a lot of intuitives, but no one has EVER connected so quickly or so deeply as you did, Lisa. In under two hours, you helped me pinpoint my business blind spots, identified the power projects I should focus on, and helped me create a lasting connection with MY Source Code of Success!

Lisa Steadman, Los Angelos, US – Woohoo Media Group, http://www.LisaSteadman.com

Lisa Steadman, Los Angelos, US - Woohoo Media Group, www.LisaSteadman.com

I had a “breaking point” (a.k.a. Spiritual Growth) scenario a couple of months ago, where my head and heart were still in a dual. I couldn’t make sense of the internal pull I felt and the difficulty with letting go of some hurt. I was getting frustrated with myself for not releasing the pain and moving towards “enlightenment” at a faster speed. This is when my friend and spiritual coach Lisa LaJoie stepped in. Her approach allowed me to find closure and not feel like a failure. And when I understood that we all come into this life for a different spiritual experience, to heal certain karmic paths, I felt much less internal resistance and turmoil. This was liberating!

Patty Contenta, CA – wxww.SensualitySecrets.com

Patty Contenta, CA - wxww.SensualitySecrets.com
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