“Loving Ass kicker… This is a great description of whom you will be working with when enrolling with Lisa. If you are really committed to your soul-evolution, Lisa is the ONE. It is a wild ride as you look at “things” you don’t want to see and feel “stuff” you don’t want to feel. All along, Lisa will make sure you are cared for and loved. Her unique ability to connect with spirits and see the future to guide us on the right path is a HUGE asset.

I am not sure where I would be now if it wasn’t for all the learning, growing and evolving I went through (and still am) during our sessions.

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-Julie Anne Christoph

Congratulations AGAIN on your awesome talk on Saturday. You really know how to ‘work the stage’ and keep your audience totally into what you’re saying. I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect, given that I only know you as the ‘spiritual ass-kicker.’. Your energy, personality, and total being seem to be exactly the same person on and off the stage. Although all the speakers on Saturday were like that as well, which I guess is testament to Sharon’s ability to put together a group of speakers who really live their message. Anyway, all I can say is, I was SO VERY impressed, and I think that you need to get yourself on a stage in front of big groups more often. You’ve got a great talent for it.
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-Suzannah Baum

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for the past couple of years. Lisa has helped me develop tremendously both personally and professionally over the past two years. Her honestly, encouragement, insight and professionalism has made her my go to business and life coach. One meeting with Lisa and you will see why she is one of the highest regarded professionals in her field.

Montreal, CA”

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-Daniel Silverman, Montreal, CA

I was introduced to Lisa 6 years ago through a friend who told me about the extraordinary gift that was bestowed upon this wonderful lady. My first session with Lisa was over the phone and I was blown away. The guidance she gave me in can only be described as a conversation with my soul. In subsequent sessions she shared information that I continue to benefit from today. Lisa has been there to provide inspiration through difficult periods in my life and I count myself blessed to be able to call her a friend.
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-Steve Lundy, Ottawa, CA

When Lisa look into your soul you know that she’s touching you deeply, with love. You can’t stay indifferent of her kindness and wise words from source. To get connected, to understand more about yourself and all your why, I recommend you let Lisa help you, you won’t regret it and you may learn more about yourself!


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-Daniel Adams, Montreal, Ca

Lisa has a unique way to open your eyes to things that you have never seen before and makes you understand how to achieve your goals both personally and professionally. I recommend her to anyone that wants to up their game or just understand better whats stopping them from achieving their goals. Thank you Lisa for everything! Working with Lisa was the biggest gift I ever give to myself.
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-Angela Podolsky, Montreal, CA

I engaged Lisa to give a personal development presentation within the Wellness program I provide for employees at Ericsson.
Due to Lisa’s vibrant personality and knowledge, she captured everyone’s attention with a superb delivery on intuitiveness, as one of the innate skills we all possess to help guide us throughout our lives.
Lisa’s intuitive skills combined her incredible sensibility to understand the depth of each individual is what I feel makes her expert in an area, that’s needed in times of personal and also business challenges.

Sharon Davidson, Montreal, CA

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-Sharon Davidson, Montreal, CA

If you are looking to feel closer to your partner and deepen your spiritual connection, you MUST get in touch with Lisa. She has an unexplained gift of seeing clearly where the blocks in a relationship lie. She’s able to shine a light on any issue and help you dissolve it. We were both willing and curious to see if we could make our bond even stronger and we are now unlocking new dimensions of love that after 6 years were untapped. This is a beautiful surprise for us and our Journey and it feels so wonderful! We didn’t even know we were missing out! Who knew we could up-level our relationship and commitment to each other in this way. We thank you Lisa!! And we look forward to seeing what the next level holds for us!

& James Cornish, Montreal, CA

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-Christine Joy Décary & James Cornish, Montreal CA

I met Lisa at a time in my life where I wanted to expand on my intuition and spirituality. I had been reading tarot and oracle cards for friends and family, but I wanted to go beyond to explore these lovely tools, to listen to what I wasn’t hearing, I didn’t know where to start. Lisa offered a beginner tarot class and that is where I started my journey with Lisa. She taught me how to connect to the gifts I already had (we all have the gifts), to listen to how my own individual talents that called out to me, and gave me the confidence to be authentic with myself so that I can help people and give them messages they needed to hear.
Today I now do card readings, as well as teach others to listen to their connection to intuition and connecting with spirit. One of the things I liked most working with Lisa is that she listened to what I wanted, and then made ME work to achieve it, this is what a mentor should be like, she spoke to me with truth and honor and didn’t let me hide from myself, she knew when things would be rough to hear, but always spoke with love and in a safe place. I soon found myself growing in ways I didn’t know I could. I now walk my path with pride and confidence that Lisa helped me achieve, her teachings are never far from my thoughts and often I hear her in my head encouraging me or offering me hints. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to explore their intuition, and their connection with spirit, you will learn more then you expected, and will soon be living your authentic life.
Tammy Powell – Gibsons, British Columbia

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-Tammy Powell - Gibsons, British Columbia

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