We often feel disconnected from our deepest and most Divine Self. We come to believe that somewhere along the way we ended up losing our natural ability (intuition) to “connect” and hear the guidance of our Soul.

But, what if we actually never lost our connection?

What if tapping into all the wisdom and guidance available to us was easy, natural and had nothing to do with all that spiritual “woowoo” fluffy stuff?

What if it was just muffled under layers of confusing spiritual teachings, complicated practices, self-limited stories and anxiety provoking rules, rituals and regulations of how “connecting” needs to take place?

If spiritual clarity and simplicity is what you are looking for, this is the workshop for you!

In a grounded, free-flowing and “shift-creating” way, Lisa and Kosta will share with you the transformative insights, practical tools and uplifting energy that will allow you to experience a fully connected, meaningful and soul-aligned life!

This unique workshop will allow you to:

  • Let go of all the “clutter” and “noise” so you may fully tune into the higher guidance that is ever-present and all around you.
  • Truly understand the ease in which the spiritual world works to help guide you towards your fullest potential and highest expression.
  • Begin to perceive reality through the untainted lens of the soul; allowing for a more expanded understanding of who YOU are and what the “game” of Life is all about.
  • Learn powerful tools for clearing out “negative energy” and uplifting your “vibration”.
  • Learn about your spirit guides; what they are, what they do and how they communicate with you.
    Feeling it already grab your spot here: GET!

The energy and insights that will be shared via this workshop will create the type of clarity that will uplift your ability to gracefully navigate your life to a whole new level.

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for those who deeply know that they have a connection to a higher form of guidance and wish to amplify and fully experience that connection in their day-to-day lives.

Date & Time

Friday July 7th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Show up a little earlier 6:45pm to grab your seat and a tea !

Location: L’Espace Beaconsfield Inc. 40 H St. Charles Beaconsfield QC H9W5Z6

+1.5145059500, http://www.lespacebeaconsfield.ca/

Your Investment

$55 (10% of the proceeds will be donated to the WestIsland Cancer Centre)

Learn about our support cause: http://wicwc.com/

We look forward to Soul playing with you! 🙂

About the facilitators:

Kosta Stoyanoff – UpliftedLife.comThrough his one-on-one sessions & transformative workshops and retreats, Kosta has helped individuals experience and express their highest potential for over 15 years. His style of communication is both refreshing and down-to-earth — helping to translate spiritual wisdom in a way that is applicable, relatable and relevant to our everyday lives.

In a simple, easily digestible, yet extremely potent way, he lovingly nudges, guides and supports others to move beyond their fears and blockages as they embark on the journey from where they are to where they choose to be. He does so by helping them “get out of their own way” and reconnect with the purpose and wisdom of their soul.

In addition to working privately with individuals worldwide, Kosta assists inspired leaders and visionaries within organizations who are looking to expand their awareness and positively affect the lives of others. His mission is to inspire, empower and support those who are passionate about evolving into their best selves and who genuinely care about the legacy they leave behind. He calls these people “Uplifters”!

Lisa LaJoie - Tapping Into ItLisa LaJoie was born with the gift for receiving messages from Spirit. Today, she uses this gift to help people quickly find answers to life’s tough questions, reach new successes, easily navigate life changing experiences, trauma, and crisis; while connecting to their own powerful and spiritual energy. She understands that everyone has the power to bring the best version of themselves to the world by unlocking the blocks of fear that are seemingly holding them back. Easier said than done, right? Lisa can see, hear and feel information that is connected to the energy of spirit and through these instruments she is able to quickly help people who are open to receiving it.

Using her intuitive cut-to-the-chase coaching style Lisa is a badass business intuitive that helps clients access their own inner Source Code so they can move beyond paralyzing fears, play bigger in their lives, and transform their passions into profitable businesses.

Clients call Lisa their spiritual advisor and secret weapon. Audiences call her an Intuition Leader and inspired speaker. Whether she’s tapping into her intuition in one of her channeled consultations, working with higher guides or transmitting life strategies and guidance for those who seek it, she gets the soul job done.

Lisa is the grateful founder of Tapping into It an Intuition Leadership company offering intuitive business consultations and coaching for self, life, love or business.

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