Have you ever wondered who or what Spirit Guides are and what part they play in your life?

Spirit Guides are entities that protect us and give us guidance. These guides are responsible for helping us to fulfill the spiritual design that has been laid out for us on earth. Before we were born, we made the decision to share our life’s journey with them.

They were assigned to us, and have chosen to help us navigate the journey in our lives. The Source of all creation have had a hand in the selection of these guides and they support us in fulfilling our designed prophecy here on earth.

Who are these Spirit Guides?

There are several different Spirit Guides that you will encounter in your life. Some guides will remain present your entire life. Others will show up during the times that we need specific direction in the various areas of our lives, such as completing goals for your soul; such as healing. These Spirit Guides are at varying levels of consciousness, similar to how we as humans, are.  Some of these are highly evolved (such as a Wayne Dyer or Mother Theresa) and others are considered average, but serve as masters in certain aspects of your life. These guides may appear to exude a masculine or feminine energy, but in reality, they are just energy filled spirits with pure vibration. These spirits could be those who have lived before; and have mastered similar experiences to you and will support you in your journey as an old friend.

Spirit guides remain close when you need them and support only you during your time of need. Highly evolved Spirit Guides may be on the “Soul Tribe” that guide you and others as well facing a similar challenge or on a similar journey. These guides may be deceased relatives, who have chosen to become a guiding force for you and your higher self-agree, this is not as common as those entities guiding you that are members of the “Soul Tribe.” When it’s time for your spirit Guides to help you, they tune in to your energetic connection and help direct you to fulfill your earthly purpose, spiritual mission or deep transformation.

How do Spirit Guides help us?

Spirit Guides are acutely aware of what’s going on in our lives and know when we are in need. They arrive right on time, offering guidance during our times of need and have various ways of translating their message to us. Spirit Guides use energy to send us signals and signs that allow us to be aware of their presence. They synchronously alert us and give us information that we need about the challenges that we are facing in our lives. One may feel strange emotions, anxiety or tension when the guides appear, so it is imperative to pay attention when this happens.  You may see a sign from a movie that reflects a time in your life, or perhaps are watching “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and she is speaking on a topic that you need clarity on. This is no coincidence. This is the Spirit Guide leading you to this revelation. Sometimes, when we are in danger, our Spirit Guides show up and alert us. Usually it is a good idea to follow your gut feeling in these instances as danger could be looming. When you are unsure, investigate it as if on a forensic dig, and although it may initially be hazy, the answer will soon be crystal clear. Have you ever had an eerie feeling that something amiss would happen to you, but could not see it clearly? This was perhaps a sign from the Spirit Guide, nudging you to alert you of this danger.


Warnings from Spirit Guides: Spirit Guides often send flashes of intuition that may sound like a voice in your head. Say you’re driving, and in your mind you hear “Slow Down!” and you realize that that voice prevented you from being in an accident. Or, having an uneasy feeling about the person you are dating you hear “He/She is not loyal to you,” which may guide you to taking appropriate action before getting hurt. These thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere are actually the Spirit Guides warning and protecting us. Although many tune out their intuition, you’ll find that these nudges are actually a valuable source of information.

Sending people into your life:  Your Spirit Guides sometimes connect with the Spirit Guides of others to force a connection between people. One example might be, you’re thinking of a college colleague, and you encounter them later that same day! Coincidence? Maybe, but most likely it was the doing of your Spirit Guide. Perhaps you want to move, and are dreading the whole process. Out of nowhere you meet a realtor in the grocery store, almost if by accident? It’s again, probably the Spirit Guides that have aligned to help you through this time in your life.

Arranging and nudging.  Spirit Guides can also nudge you in the right direction, or influence you to rearrange aspects of your life that shift a negative ending to a more positive one. An example of this would be:

You are looking for your car keys and cannot find them. You begin to stress about it because you are already late for an important meeting. All of a sudden, the phone rings. It is a VERY important phone call that you would have missed if you had found your keys in time and had already left the house.

This is an example of the Spirit Guide turning a seeming negative situation and bringing about a positive ending! Understand the challenge that the Spirit Guides have. You could have ignored the call and continued looking for your keys. After all, we all have the choice that comes from free will. And sometimes, we are just stubborn to signs presented to us, no matter how clear they come across. But, the more you can pick up on these signals, signs and clues, the better off the outcome could become. The key is surrendering to situations that may not be going how you WANT them to, because the outcome will be for the best.

How do you connect with your Spirit Guides directly?

Wouldn’t it be great if your Spirit Guides could just text you on your cell phone and tell you what’s coming in your future, like, “Look out for a guy named Jacob,” or “Hey your child needs you at this exact location, go NOW!” Amazingly enough, for some people, the ones who have cultivates a connection and awareness to their Spirit Guides, it works exactly like that! (Maybe not via a text message, per se.) The following ways are effective in increasing the direct connection between you and your Spirit Guide.

Learn to listen to your intuition. Get to know what it is and how it works in your life. Your Spirit Guides will often communicate with you directly, so effective listening is key. Many of us dismiss our intuition, only to realize that it is a guiding force that was there to help us. It is important not to confuse our human desires and our ego for our intuition. Your intuition, once you’ve channeled in, and listened will be clear.

Be open and watch for signs.  Ask your Spirit Guides for the things you desire and then exude patience, for them to reveal that you have been heard. My spirit Guides like to show me messages through my clairvoyant mind, and higher heart. For example, during a meeting recently, I shared my intention try various things to increase my online presence so it would grow. When I started on this endeavor, I found myself freezing up during certain parts of the process, and I realized this tension was coming from my Spirit Guides. They were gently nudging me in the opposite direction. But signs can come in so many forms that no two signs may seem the same. The more channeled in and open you are to receiving these messages, the clearer they will seem when they do appear.

Journal to clarify and deepen your awareness.  This is a method I recommend to a lot of people during my readings. Open a journal and write down some of the questions you’d like to ask your Spirit Guides.  Be quiet and meditate. Ask with sincerity and see what is revealed to you. Continue as if you are having a conversation. Sometimes this is the only way that you will feel them as a part of your collective tribe.  Although it may seem like you’re just writing answers from your imagination, you need to keep going.  When you get to a point where the answers you’re getting don’t feel like your own, take note of them, highlight them, and listen more closely. Building this relationship takes time, and journaling will serve as a reference for you later, and validate your decisions.

Dreaming is a gateway to your spirit guides.  One of the ways you can try to connect with your Spirit Guides is to meet them in dream world. Right before bed, ask them to appear in your dreams. They will reveal themselves without disrupting your sleep. You can do this nightly to connect with your Spirit Guides in your dreams. If after a time, you feel that it is not working for you, don’t stress; there are plenty of other ways to connect. This is just one method that works for some, but not everyone.

Go with your Instinct (YOUR GUT FEELING): Your spirit guides try to connect with you using your senses which is often that GUT feeling that tells you to act in one way or another. Let’s say you’re in an important business meeting and your logic and reason tell you that the people sitting in front of could fulfill the deal. Your gut however feels differently and the intensity of this feeling overcomes your logic. This is a sign from your Spirit Guides telling you to PAY ATTENTION. Listen to that gut feeling and ask more questions and thoroughly investigate. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  At the very least, use your gut feelings to protect yourself and ensure your safety.

Ask a psychic to help along in the introduction.  One of the services I offer as part of my readings is helping individuals identify some of their Spirit Guides. These are usually the ones present during a reading when they are inquiring about various areas in their lives. I ask them to come forth. When they do, I can make a formal connection. You will feel this connection with me as I introduce you to your Spirit Guides which enables you to tune in to them.

How can you tell if they are real or figments of your imagination?

Based on the guidance you get, you will be able to determine if the Guides are indeed truly present. You will feel certain feelings on the inside that alert you that your questions match their answers and that when you listen, meaningful results occur. Ask yourself, “Does it resonate well with you?”  “Is it a masterful truth?” Verify by asking yourself if it feels like an outside entity or if it is coming from within. Now figure out if the advice makes sense to the questions(s) you have posed. If all of these answers are “YES,” then congratulations! You are on the right track!

If you need assistance in getting intuitive advice or spirit guide connecting i’m happy to assist, book a reading with me today. I will share with the messages about your life that come directly from your Spirit Guides and reveal the lessons that are implied from their messages.

Have you connected with a Spirit Guide? Share in the comments. I would love hearing about your experience.


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