Have you met a Soul Mate person who popped into your life a lover, friend, child, parent. You just know this person has been with you before in that Soulful way.

Then it just doesn’t work out, because their human nature takes them the wrong direction away from the love you share and you feel totally lost and confused.

Let me give you some words of comfort that i have found in my work with clients and Soul people who have walked in my life only to walk out due to their own limits as people.

It is safe to let go of them and know it is just not the time for them to love that deeply with honor and dignity. They aren’t able and it is ok and It is just not your fault.

I promise it is ok to let go and I know you may insist that this deep feeling makes you believe you have to stay and wait. You don’t.

It is up to both of you to embrace the love and if they can’t you will need to love yourself enough to say good bye.

Lisa LaJoie

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