Luxury Yoga and Wellness Retreat Marrakech, Morocco “La Joie de Vivre”

Join us March 24th – 31st 2018

La Joie De Vivre: Joie de vivre constitutes the art of living. Really, truly living life, embracing it fully. Whether you call it living in the moment, or self fulfillment, joie de vivre is a quality and a feeling we can all learn to acquire.* I will be with Melanie Richards (Owner of Happy Tree Yoga), Bhaskar Goswami (Creator of Global Daana) half a world away on the adventure of a lifetime!

Register Now! Awaken your five senses and tap into your natural state of relaxation and happiness on this week-long luxury yoga and wellness retreat with Melanie Richards, Bhaskar Goswami and Lisa Lajoie. The 5-star rated Riad “Castle” Clé de Sol, surrounded by the breathtaking Atlas Mountains, will become your private oasis for a week of yoga, meditation and so much more! As you awaken your inner-self through daily practice, your senses will become attuned to the beauty surrounding you: the melody of birdsongs, jasmine perfumed air, the warmth of the sun on your skin, vast blue skies and the delicious tastes of Moroccan cuisine fresh from the Riad’s own garden.

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