It is a new moon eclipse in Pisces February 26, 2017!

Being a new moon eclipse there is great potential for those of you who work with the moon energies like myself to do something really special for the planet and yourself. I personally am deeply and passionately in love with the moon’s power in my life as a helper to manifestation. I’ve always been profoundly connected.

We are all connected whether we know it or not and the moon is influencing and supporting us regularly. It helps us thrive, release and manifest more in our lives and brings the attainment and atonement of more spiritual awareness. Wow right?

The moon helps us connect to the body’s intuition and our own internal guidance and on Feb 26 Sunday there is the potential for us all to increase our ability to release, open and bring global peace and healing to ourselves and others. A time  to start a new refreshed version of who we are.  With the new moon in pieces it’s an extremely powerful moment.

The Pisces opportunity is really about opening up our psychic ability, recognizing our subconscious reality in our world, not just in ourselves but how we live in fear and create some pretty drastic results, because of the fear that we live in, on a subconscious level.  We have to remember that in the psychic realm we are all connected so if everybody is afraid then everybody is also sending out a sense of fear in the oneness zone. In the oneness zone we influence everyone as a whole.

So one of the best way I know to support change, is to elevate our experience by  owning the fact that everything we think, feel and experience also can influence and dramatically increase the negative in our global experience as citizens and humans. Responsibility at 100% consciousness in our spiritual experience as soulful beings connected together is the solution.

For me one of the greatest opportunities I know off is to use the moon’s energy to support releasing vibrations you are attuned too and that you know cause fear in the world, that cause fear inside yourself, anything that really is needing clearing from you and in the world. The moon can help you just need be confident in knowing when we release anything we open the door to the new.

In other words releasing is the first step to flow and changing the current fear to peaceful manifestation, because when you release negative vibrations you increase opportunity to create something different in the world around you. You actually get to use energy and support from the moon’s vibration to help you isolate energy that you wish you could generate to help people to release fear in the world.

Because we are in this Pisces eclipse new moon the opportunity is even greater to globally help and support the world.

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