Relationship Breakthrough

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Does Your Relationship Need a Love Tune Up?

Young couple in love, Attractive man and woman enjoying romantic walk on the beach at sunset holding handsLisa’s love and relationship program gives you strategies to not only heal your love life, but ignite it and propel it to the next stages of passion! With this specialty relationship coaching, you will:

  • Get the tools needed to enable you to navigate past the everyday relationship challenges, and transform them into healing and happiness.
  • Receive the guidance to go in-depth without daily, overwhelming misguiding’s that you’ve grown accustomed to.
  • Learn to HEAL the conflict-causing wounds; be enabled to build a deeper relationship with your partner.
  • Recognize, from a more holistic approach, the love challenges that are present, and shift them back into a state of organic happiness and appreciatory interaction.

Become the person you were when you first fell in love; seeing your partner as they are, and not seeing them as YOU THINK they SHOULD be. Lisa’s couple’s coaching will help you rediscover your innate love for one another allowing you to thrive together. You will enhance your intimate, sensual connections with practical conversations where confusion and misunderstanding USED to live. Lisa can help you unfold the passion in your intimate sex life, giving you an EASY understanding of lifelong, practical steps to keep you on track with your happiness.

Young couple in love, Attractive man and woman enjoying romantic walk on the beach at sunset holding hands

Unsure of your commitment level, or the amount of coaching you need?

Lisa has options!

One time Relationship Session:
Perfect for couples who need a Tune Up and require more flexibility in their scheduling.

Single Session ~ 1 x 60 minutes

Click here to purchase your relationship recovery session.


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Because I care about your Love together, I offer a 60 Day Relationship Breakthrough, don’t Break-up!

Lisa’s 60 days to “Falling back in Love” mentoring is for YOU if:

  • You’re BOTH COMPLETELY ready and able to invest in the longevity of your relationship.
  • You BOTH REALIZE it’s time to re-commit & re-connect.
  • You AND your partner are ready to re-ignite your love life and are committed to working intensively to get it back now.Romantic style photo of missing couple

From the hands-on healing work that Lisa offers, you and your mate will experience fast pace growth on various levels, which will allow you to begin to re-connect. You’ll get:

  • Each month you will have three 90 minute consultation (6 in total)
  • E-mail access for questions and homework
  • Follow-up with Lisa to make sure you’re on the right track

This includes one full consultation per week on Skype phone or in-person [residents only], plus limited email access for questions, homework and follow up.

Click Here to Apply and Start your Breakthrough Journey!



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