These Prayers are created by Lisa LaJoie and the Universe for You!

Universe, I pray now that my will be your will.
That my heart be your heart.
That my love be your love.
Infuse me with your highest knowledge so I may
share with the world I meet on this day, your love and light,
and so it is.
Thank you, I love you.

I call to the highest masters and guardians now.
Please watch over my Light and Soul.
Guide the human in me to hear and listen to
the messages and guidance you have for me.
Bring me to a higher state of Grace and Love,
and so it is.
Thank You, I Love you

Universe, I call you to help me with all
the challenges I have where I am without answers,
understanding, acceptance and peace.
Help me find my way.
Guide my mind and life, show me
the answers to the lessons.
Help me be brave.
Give me Courage to do what I need to.

Thank you, I love you.

Source of all Life,
In my heart lives your heart.
In my Soul lives your Soul.
In my mind lives your Mind.
In my body lives your body.
Show me the way to live as you
would here in this paradise.
Guide all of me into the embrace of you.
Thank you, I love you

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