I was thinking about putting together this series while driving to an appointment and just then an ambulance whipped by, lights flashing and sirens blaring and I’m like, “wow” thank you Universe. Thank you for serendipitously putting this ambulance in my path at exactly the same moment that I had Mom in my thoughts, while I was thinking as I often do how it was between us. My mother would have found this whole scene very amusing. Years of trying to understand what our relationship was all about, years since she has passed and only recently do I understand and accept that she was a woman with her own story and her own past. Now I can love all her broken pieces and love her for the mom she was. She did the best she could with what she knew which is what brings me to this series on the mother/daughter relationship. I want to show all the broken daughters who carry resentment, fear or guilt about their moms how to cross over from chaos to peace.

In the first of 6 posts I want to talk about Karmic Contracts. Before you were even born your soul had already made vows about the kind of life you would have and because of that, in your lifetime, certain contracts have to be played out. These show up in your relationships and experiences. You didn’t sign them in your human life experience but your soul did and now you are bound by them.

Karma is “meeting yourself,” meaning, you meet the consequences of your actions begun in the past but are only now taking effect in this lifetime and Karma can only be extinguished by understanding why or how it came to be.
I had a karmic contract with my mother. This meant that she had an obligation to help me in certain areas of my life and I had certain obligations to help her in areas of her life. This was a contract my soul made when I chose her to be my mom and that was a deep part of the karmic bond that we shared. This made me feel like my mom was one of the most important people in my whole life. As a result of this, I didn’t really understand what was unfolding between us. We had our ups. They were few and far between but they are ingrained in my heart with deep love and devotion. But we also had our downs. Those were more frequent and the memory of some of those interactions still burn in my heart. But, and this is a big humongous crazy “but”; there is a peaceful high vibration of love through both the light and dark memories of my experience with Mom. Why? Because I understand and because I am fulfilling my contract with her. I want to help you reach this place in your relationships with your moms. It is doable. And it is liberating.

There are three layers to this and I want to explain them here so for now, dear readers, be kind to yourself, be gentle with your mom and know that whatever you are going through as mother and daughter is happening for a far greater purpose than to drive you nuts!

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