Today is Sunday as I write this.

June is the month.
I lost her.
It was 9 years ago.
I still hear voice.
I can smell her.
As I write this, memories of sitting with her in Ireland at the private hospital come in.
We hadn’t seen each other in 10 years before that time in 2006-2007.
I missed her so, time had moved to fast.
I was in a turquoise blue blouse a favorite color of hers.
She was lying in the bed.
I came into the room and sat next to her.
She stared in my eyes like the first day I was born.
Her shoulders relaxed as she took a breathe.
She knew I would have to courage to take care of them.
Her husband and her.
I saw her relax into the trust of my courage to face what she was living as she was dying.
She didn’t want to know.
I feel her with me now helping me share this with you.
I still miss her.
She helps me from the other side to heal my wounds.
Our parental loved ones never die.
They live in us whether we had good or bad relationships with them.
We can say goodbye to the pain we may have had….or not.
But the Soul connection always is.
There is no right way to heal what you experienced with your mom.
The important thing is you do it if it still hurts you and your life in a way that makes you unhappy today.
Love is the key.
Love is the healer.
Change is the result from love.
I had pain with my mom.
A lot of it.
We healed by Grace, by choice, by karmic contract.
Many of you are wondering “how can I understand why it was so painful with her?”.
Why is it so hard with her.

There are answers.

There is healing.
But you have to choose to love her anyway.
To love yourself anyway.
This might help you begin;

Listen in here

I will pray for you.
Let me know you want that.
Leave a comment and we will send Karmic healing energy to you.
You are loved.
Know this.

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