Is it time for your Spiritual Evolution Journey ?

If any of the following apply to you, then you might consider a round of transformation coaching with Lisa as your guide.

  • I’m READY to receive Intuitive insight and receive advice that I can put into action on my life NOW!
  • I’m READY to unload and unlock the secrets that my soul and the Universe has in store for me.
  • I WANT to learn to be OPEN to my own powerful intuition that lives inside of me.
  • I’ve been BLOCKED in certain areas of my life. I am unclear of my direction. I am seeking clarity for my life, business and relationships.

This evolutionary journey is a unique one-on-one experience unlike any other mentoring you have ever experienced. Lisa is able to activate your life-guiding forces that are innately inside of you, instead of using a pre-set curriculum. With this method, no two mentoring sessions are alike. You’ll learn to be OPEN to the intuition that lies within you, using Lisa’s teachings, channeling experiences and soul-filled guidance.   Lisa can also help you BLAST though the stalling blocks of life, show you how to tap into your intuition, and find the answers to ALL of your burning questions. Lisa has a myriad of tools at her disposal encompassed with her clairvoyant gifts. As a certified breakthrough specialist, NLP, EMT coach and lifelong clairvoyant medium she is able to tap into a higher plane for the answers you seek.

So, are you feeling like you need a guide, mentor or spiritual advisor to help you make a life change?”

This transformation journey is for you if :
      • You’re ready to build your own trail-blazing life or business.
      • You’re eager to tap into your wisdom and power using a profound inner connection.
      • You’re ready for Spiritual growth, by allowing yourself to heal and learning to love yourself.
      • You’ve intuitive feelings that can no longer be ignored; you’re ready to ignite it and unleash its FULL power. Ready to TRANSFORM? Lisa can help you get into high gear in 60 days!Sixty days may not seem like a long enough time to transform, but in that time, Lisa creates strategies that take the guidance to a DEEPER level. Choose Lisa as your mentor and guide and you’ll intuitive learn how to build deeper, more profound relationships with yourself and those around you. Make NOW the time to ignite and deepen your soul-human relationships by unfolding and revealing the true passions in your life! You’ll gain and easy understanding of lifelong practical steps, be clearer and the clouded areas of your life and directly TUNE-IN to your life, experiencing momentum and growth at lightning speed.

“Lisa comes from a place of light, and is completely aligned to a higher place. I have worked with lots of psychic mediums and Lisa doesn’t just give you a reading, she leaves you with great “homework” that you find compelled to explore.
As an intuitive who works in the space of healing, I found Lisa to be the most tuned in healer I ever worked with. Not only does Lisa totally tune into my higher power, she accurately and completely tapped into the souls of my children and I was blown away by what I learned.
Lisa gets right to the core, and will amaze you with the laser focused insight she leaves you with. Not only that, but Lisa is very practical and brings solutions that are really meaningful. I felt my head nodding with almost everything she said.” Jenny Johnston

This programs offer:

      • Coaching/Mentoring (8 total sessions)
      • Limited email access for questions, assignments to help fuel your growth
      • Kick-Ass spiritual tune ups with Lisa

Purchase here if you are ready to jump into your Spiritual Transformations

Do you just want to focus on your  Business with me? Is it time for  a business breakthrough so you can hit the next level of your Soul + Strategic + Success ? I’m ready to help !

What exactly is a BIZ Breakthrough + Strategy Session ? How is it different than a Spiritual Coaching?

A business strategy session is a potent 90 minute one-on-one consultation where Lisa can help you work directly on your business and discover:

      • Ways in which you’re currently “showing up” in your business and how this could be having a negative impact on your business growth.
      • Where is your inner fortune and how to get it out or you and into the bank.
      • Where your personal beliefs may be limiting you and how to tune into the positive vibration of your business instead.
      • Which of your current and potential partnerships are congruent and which ones are out of alignment with your success.
      • Answers, strategy and guidance for the stressful burdens that may be keeping you up at night.
      • How to prioritize your list of projects and goals so that you make the most of each and every one of them.
      • The parts and people of your business that no longer serve or support you.
      • And so much more!

During this session, you may also be guided to release old behaviors, beliefs, and patterns that keep you stuck, and create NEW ways of being that align with your business’ natural rhythms.

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Would you like to have more information about how my intuitive services work? Not sure what option is right for you? Wondering if long term coaching is the way to make those long awaited transformation?

Contact me today and I can get you started.

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