Intuitive Sessions

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Clairvoyance Channeled Readings for Life and Business

Come with me as I tap into the spiritual realm to bring clarity and answers to your biggest blocks and problems.

In these intuitive sessions, I can help you discover things like:

  • How you’re showing up in your business that’s affecting its growth and/or paralysis
  • The vibration of your business, identifying where there are blocks
  • Your current and potential partnerships, assessing which ones are congruent and which ones are out of alignment
  • The power to prevent decisions that don’t support your success
  • Your list of projects and goals for the year and how to make the most out of each endeavor
  • Which parts of your business no longer serve or support you
  • How to forecast to find the answers you’re seeking
  • And what you REALLY want to be doing and how to create the space and time to make it happen.

You have 3 options listed below a 60 or 30 minute or urgent question intuitive readings. These readings are designed to help you receive guidance from your spiritual tribe and through my clairvoyant gifts.

Choose your option, and it will automatically take you to my calendar to book your call. Look forward to connecting.

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Unsure how this works click here to apply for a free short discovery call with Lisa to explore what is a spiritual intuitive reading.

Working together will allow me to tap into the spirit realm intuitively so I can get clear on exactly where you’re stuck, show you why you’re stuck and together we can bring clarity and answers to help you navigate forward in life successfully.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • Am I in the right relationship?
  • Should I take this job ?
  • Should I sell my house?
  • Move in with my significant other?
  • Is my mother around me? I didn’t get to say good-bye when she passed?
  • Why do I always choose the same type of relationship?
  • Am I making the right decisions with my kids? Being a parent is hard.
  • Who was I in a part life?
  • Is Karma real? What is Karma?
  • Should I start my own business? I’m tired of working for other people?
  • When will I have a baby? We’ve been trying for years with no success.
  • What is intuition?
  • How do I start tapping into true success and financial abundance?
  • What is my purpose? Life calling? Why am I here?

The best way to approach an intuitive psychic reading is to see this as a place to explore the lessons and purpose of your spiritual path, receive messages from the Spirit world that are waiting to help you heal, give you an advantage as you face life challenges and offer you comfort in knowing you are not alone because you have a “Soul Tribe” that is there for you and your soul always.

I can also tap into past lives and offer any relevant information and guidance to help you better understand the now. It is my honor to help you uncover the guidance so you can reach your higher soul potentials.

I look forward to helping you receive the answers that you seek to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life.

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“ The Universe loves you profoundly and it is always watching over you. It sends you intuitive insights and guidance through your guides and higher wisdom to help you stay on track with your Souls Divine plans.” For some it is not always easy to hear the messages, that’s where I come in to help. Your Soul knows there is always a choice, you just need to know what those choices are. ”


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