Staying committed to a spiritual path can feel daunting at times. The outside world gives us many opportunities that will help us avoid being reclusive. Work obligations, family responsibilities, and the never-ending to-do lists keep us from our path of personal growth. But what we forget is that no matter how hectic our life may seem, it’s our spiritual path that guides the way.

Are you wondering How to Make Your Spiritual Evolution Something You Love?

Spiritual masters from history teach us that we will lose the battles that are fought with negative intentions. For instance, if we put other goals such as romance, money, or any self absorbed objectives before our Spiritual development, we will sooner or later end up with the short end of the stick, and a  feeling of emptiness filling our hearts. Many a people I know have experienced the emptiness more often than not. Soul coaching clients find me due to their emptiness manifesting itself into their lives from their focused obsessions on the material aspects in their lives. They’ve let their spiritual growth take the back seat. This unfortunate misplacement often led them to “crash and burn.”  We must admit; haven’t we all fallen prey to this type of detour.

We all have an innate spiritual foundation, but it is to us as individuals to make the choice to tune into it. Spiritual practice means that when life gets good, it is time to make our Spiritual Practice even BETTER. Another way to stay committed to your path is through daily guidance and resources. Use meditation, oracle cards and pray daily to strengthen your connection to your inner guidance and spiritual guides. Once you do this, you can sit back, relax, and watch your journey evolve.

When we are more consistent with our spiritual practice, the results transform their shape into blissful moments. Throughout my personal journey, I’ve been graced to regular access to loving guides and teachers who have helped me stay the course. My hearts endeavour is that you too “Crank yourself Up,” with curiosity which will open your evolutionary path to the Universal experience. I challenge you to commit yourself to the intention of staying excited and passionately fixed on your path to Spirit mastery.

YOU are your evolution; your own BEST FRIEND; the friend you have always sought. Soul-Filled = Fulfilled, so use spirituality to find your wholeness, and practice being totally soul-filled today!

With great respect and honor to you on your journey,

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