The 3 different levels of contracts

Here’s something you need to know about karmic law; we need to accept the spiritual journey and become aware of the soulful contracts that were made without our conscious awareness of them. We don’t need to know why we have that bond or exactly what the call is. We just need to be open to understanding what is going on in the deeper layers of the relationship. As I mentioned at the end of the previous post there are three layers to this and I want to explain them here.

The Three Layers of a Karmic Transaction

The first and most simple layer to understand is “you are human.”
This you learn when you are young and dependent on your mother for everything. You need her in the most primal way; for food, for warmth, for love, for shelter, hygiene and as a role model for how to be in the world. The unfolding of your relationship with her, the kind of connection you form is all part of this sacred contract. The conscious understanding of parent child relationships is about this… basic human need and the deeper conversation is about the contracts. But when what we think we need and we think we want are not met we become confused, insolent, angry, guilt or remorseful. This can result in low self–esteem which can lead to us questioning “what am I here for? What is my purpose?” The spiritual results are negative because you lose focus. You lose your innocence and your shine. You feel like you are chasing “normal” in this world instead of chasing your dreams and your soul purpose. In my work I see it over and over again; it becomes a question of, “Am I okay? Am I worthy?” The universe never intended for us to feel this way. But the media, society and the world make us doubt ourselves creating a power struggle. That’s caused the oneness of our people to dissipate, you know, so that’s the cause and effect. It’s extremely negative on our human instincts, feelings, self esteem, confidence when we feel like we don’t belong.

The second layer is “you are seeking”
This is a higher level where you wonder about the meaning of things that are in your life. You might question or analyze experiences and wonder “why?” What have I done or what can I do to make life easier, happier, better? When you reach a point that you are no longer merely existing but now seeking to attach meaning to your relationships, now you are delving into your karmic contract. When you understand that things happen for a reason, because of this contract with your mom all the pain you have can be released. You start to understand that there is a purpose for the pain you experience over the course of your life with her. This can be a very uncomfortable feeling. You might not want to think about certain things that rise up but I urge you to sit in it and let yourself feel it and keep your mind open to the possibility that on the other side of this pain waits something very beautiful for you.

The third layer is “you are in touch with your soul.”
This is a beautiful serene place to be. You understand that all your past painful experiences and emotions were for a reason and now you know the reason. Your karmic contract with your mom could be a million different things. Maybe she was there to teach you patience or empathy or ambition or whatever wonderful gift you find at the point in life’s journey. Whatever gains you find here in connecting to your soul and understanding aspects of your troubles with mom the lessons are all yours. From here you can’t turn back to simply fulfilling basic needs because you have evolved. And this you can thank your mother for! You may not have the outcome you expect but it is the ultimate gift that you get from her.

Much Love,

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