Dig in Deeper: 90 Days of Spiritual Business Strategy

Just what you need to kick start your business transformation to success. Believe me ,there is nothing woo woo about this Intuitive. All I want to know is: are you ready to rock your business out with me?  

  • Are you an CEO or business owner who wants to stop feeling drained by business and instead feel in vibrational alignment with your life goals, purpose and happiness once again?
  • An artist or screenwriter who wants to know which ideas and projects will generate the best buzz and business?  
  • An entrepreneur who is ready to go to the next level awaiting you, create purposeful partnerships and hire the best employees for their business?  
  • Are you ready to learn to tap into your own intuition and accelerate your business effectively?  

If one of these describes you, you’re going to want to read on because I have just the thing for you.  

My 90 day Spiritual Business Strategy is for people who are tired of seeing their business stay stagnant and need a new strategy geared directly towards how to manifest their abundance, give the business what it needs to grow and have the added bonus of getting strategic support along the way. For 90 days you will have me by your side to hold you accountable, help you through the blocks in your business and uplift you into a new standard and vision of your place in your business and your life.  

Are you intrigued yet?  

Here's how it works.

We start with a half day of planning, projecting and forecasting for your business development. This half day sets you up for your goals and plans for the coming 90 days. After this session we move on to the One-on-One Mentoring Sessions, which include 3 x 60 minute calls per month for 3 months. One per week for three weeks and one week off for you to catch up on important homework so we are ready for the following month.  

PLUS! You have access to email support* from me for homework, questions and follow-ups.

Wow wow wow, just imagine what you could accomplish in 90 days with this kind of strategy and support!  

Still having trouble seeing it? Don’t worry, I’ve got a long list of possibilities for you and your business to help you envision your transformation. Here is how it starts...picture this with me:

  •  We will start with a breakdown – that means we breakthrough the ways in which you are currently “showing up” in your business projects and how this could be having a negative impact on your business growth.

  • We will look at how your personal beliefs may be limiting you and how to tune into the positive vibration of your business instead. 
  • We will check in to which of your current and potential partnerships are congruent and which ones are out of alignment with your business success.

  • I will give you answers, strategy and guidance for the stressful burdens involved in your plans and projects that may be keeping you off track to accomplishing your objectives.  

Plus! I will teach you some powerful intuitive processes and how to create abundance with Law of Attraction experiences.

And that is just the beginning…

During our sessions, we will meet on the phone or zoom/skype and directly connect to your guides. As I tap into your higher realm, your guides do the work to activate your Soul, I will start receiving messages about topics such as: - Where you are blocked in your business. - What is keeping the next level of success out of reach. - The wealth of your current partnerships and client relationships. - Who you need to connect with to accelerate your success. - Which projects, ideas, and opportunities align with the vibration of your business this year, and how to prioritize.  

And so much more!  

Whew...I’m pumped!

Are you?

Just in case you needed some more convincing, here is a little more about what this transformational 90 days will give you:

  • We will make sure your projects and you are in harmony and you keep on track to completion with the highest manifestation potential, and attracting your heartfelt desire. 

  • We dive into getting the true expression of you and your highest self into the energetics of your projects + plans and future success.  
  •  We will get clear on who you are and how you want to share yourself in the world of your business.

  •  We may also be guided to release old behaviors, beliefs, and patterns that keep you stuck, and create NEW ways of being that align with your business’ natural rhythms.  

This could be you...

"I’ve been working with Lisa for 3 years and in that time she has helped me break through old habits of sabotage in my professional and personal life. She holds me accountable and makes me see my truth whether I want to or not. This has been the key element in our coaching and in my success. I have reached new levels in my professional career and on my way to becoming a CEO. I have more peace in my life and feel more empowered. I would not be where I am today without her guidance, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to my growth."

Susan Blain, Ottawa Business Events

"I worked with Lisa for business coaching, and what I found most valuable about working with her was the way in which she could get to the heart of the matter of exactly where I felt challenged or blocked in my business, and then was able to give me concrete suggestions on how to move right through these obstacles. But more than that, the guidance that she provided really FELT – intuitively – like it was the direction that I was meant to go. I felt like she just “got” me, and was able to provide realistic guidance based on where I was – currently – in my business, and what to do in order to achieve my vision of where I wanted to go in the future. She’s a very unique mix of tough love and empathy, and regardless of her approach, I left every meeting with concrete, insightful and useful guidance." 

Suzannah Baum, Public Speaking Coach

Let’s get you on track to uplevel your business and living the life you always dreamed of!

About Lisa LaJoie

As the business intuitive, I have spent the last 20 years working with high level executives and CEOs as well as evolved artists and screenwriters. By tapping into their Source Code I am able to access answers and strategies for the questions that keep them up at night. The work is powerful, impactful, and fast tracks their success every time.

When I tap into my client’s authentic Source Code, I am able to channel messages directly from the energetic imprint of their soul design and plan, and translate those messages into a plan of action.  

Before you write this work off as too woo-woo for you, let me assure you that the key to the next level of success is NOT about doing more or pursuing some external result. The key to fast tracking your success lies within – in your Source Code.