As a clairvoyant medium, Lisa LaJoie was born with a gift for receiving messages from Spirit. Today, she uses this gift to help individuals and businesses easily navigate life changing experiences, quickly find answers to life’s tough questions and steadily reach greater heights and connect to their own powerful soul energy. She understands that everyone has the power to bring the best version of themselves to the world by unlocking the blocks of fear that hold them back. Easier said than done, right? Not really actually. With the information that is connected to the energy of spirit that Lisa sees, hears and feels she is able to quickly help people who are open to receiving it.

Through her own personal story of past physical, mental and sexual abuse and a life changing experience that could have left her dead, Lisa knows that when the spirit speaks, you must listen with your full heart. Spirit is what brought her from the brink of emotional and spiritual bankruptcy and near death to the summit of spiritual and loving healing.

Fear is imposed upon us by outside forces and people wile love is our natural state of being. Once people learn to tap into their inner source they are no longer oppressed by fear.

Utilizing her gifts of heightened intuition and fierce faith in the human potential, Lisa is a dynamic force who empowers people, entrepreneurs and business owners to break into their own innate fearlessness by learning to trust and tap into their own intuitive intelligence.

Lisa LaJoie weaves her deepened practice of spirituality and intuition into a cut-to-the-chase coaching style that welcomes clients to access their own inner source codes. When an individual or business taps into their innate source codes of success through working with Lisa, they find answers they need – and the powerful activation and inner freedom to be all they can be by unlocking themselves from limitations.

Her straight from the hip breakthrough strategies help to ignite her client’s personal and professional purpose. They quickly become able to move beyond paralyzing fears, play-bigger in their lives, and transform their passions into profitable businesses and life happiness.

Clients call Lisa their spiritual advisor and secret weapon. Audiences call her an Intuition Leader and inspired speaker. Whether she’s tapping into her intuition in one of her channelled consultations, working with higher guides or transmitting life strategies and guidance for those who seek it, she gets the soul job done. Lisa is the grateful founder of Tapping into It (Inc) an Intuition Leadership company which offers intuitive business consultations and coaching for self, life, love or business.

“We all have unique gifts to share with the world. Mine just happens to be the gift of connecting to the other side. I see every obstacle put in our path as an opportunity to grow and I look forward to meeting you on the path to higher places.” Lisa LaJoie


Lisa believes their are gifts of guidance the Universe is always trying to provide us about our life + business + Spirit ?

The Universe, beyond what we can see is always sending powerful messages about your life, your path and even your business. . Some of us have trouble receiving these messages, and we end up missing out on this powerful wisdom. This wisdom can lead us to bigger and brighter opportunities and can reveal what is in store for us.

Lisa been deeply intuitive and able to tune into the messages from peoples spirit friends and the secrets signals held in the Universe, for as long as she can remember. It was only when she shifted my innate skills toward helping others that she started to honour those gifts with passion and realized that this universal gift was actually an innate calling upon her life.

Lisa’s gift of being able to tune in, see the life possibilities that you have, and how those possibilities could impact your life, spirit or business in a positive, prosperous way. By gaining this insight, you will be able to ask the right questions and strategically plan your next steps to insightfully accelerate your success.

We all have a connection to the universal consciousness, but some of us are gifted with clearer reception than others — Lisa was born with a fined tuned reception. As a certified success coachN, as well as a spiritual mentor and teacher, she is committed to  bringing all of these tools to the table when approaching your biggest questions and challenges.

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