Wowza you came to play Soul to Soul with me, I’m thrilled and honoured !

Lets get this party started then, below are some of the details of what you can expect in us working together.

Yes, yes, and yes,

 For the Bad ass Spirit preneur The time of struggling your way to success is over.

Gone are the days of working harder. In 2014, it’s all about working smarter.

If you’re feeling called to up-level your game and access the next level of success – but don’t want to lose yourself in the process – keep reading.

As the bad ass business intuitive, I’ve spent the last 20 years working with high level executives and CEOs as well as evolved artists and screenwriters by tapping into their Source Code I’m able to access answers and strategies for the questions that keep them up at night.

The work is powerful, impactful, and fast tracks their success every time.

When I tap into my client’s authentic Source Code of Success, I’m able to channel messages directly from the energetic imprint of their soul design and plan, and translate those messages into a plan of action.

Before you write this work off as too woo-woo for you, let me assure you that the key to the next level of success is NOT about doing more or pursuing some external result.


The key to fast tracking your success lies within – in your Source Code.

As the bad ass business intuitive, it’s my job to tune in – to you, your business, and your Source Code of Success.

Chances are, you know something’s out of alignment with you or your business. Otherwise, you would have achieved the next level of success on your own by now.

But you just haven’t been able to put your finger on what’s blocking you and making things not work.

Is it your team? Your employees? Your customers and clients? Your confidence ?

Or is it YOU? Are you somehow blocking the next level of success?

How you access the answers is up to you.

Photo on 12 15 2013 at 12.21 PM 3 For the Bad ass Spirit preneur

You can struggle and strain your way to searching for answers
– and you may never get there.


You can fast track your success by tapping into your Source Code.

By having me tap into your Source Code of Success, you can deepen your awareness and knowledge on topics such as.

  • What the vibrational frequency of your business is – and how to align all that you do to it.
  • If a potential client or partner is an energetic match for your business
  • What’s missing in your business plan, where the problems are coming from, and practical solutions to get you where you want to go in 2014
  • How to avoid betrayals, blocks, and breakdowns that paralyze you
  • Which projects will magnetize success vs. those that will be marginally successful.
  • Which employees to hire vs. which ones to fireWhat steps YOU need to take as a business owner to fast track your way to sustainable success

So how can we do this work together?


Introducing my Business Intuitive Session

I’m taking the same work I do with Business clients and offering this powerful work to Spirit-Preneurs like you in a one time 60 minute private phone or Skype session.

My 60 minute Bad Ass Business Intuitive Sessions are perfect for you business owners who know you’re here to do meaningful work in the world, but have been feeling:

  1. Stuck on a plateau that you just can’t get off of by yourself
  2. Overwhelmed by the potential of your projects, and don’t know which one to pursue first
  3. Unsure which partners will bring out the best in you and your business vs. those that will weigh you down
  4. Out of sync with your ability to hire the right people
  5. You want a trusted advisor who can steer you away from sabotage and into success
  6. Motivated to take action… if only you had a clear direction and next steps that you can trust

In just 60 minutes, we can dive deeply into topics like:

  • How you’re showing up in your business that’s affecting its growth and/or paralysis
  • The vibration of your business, identifying where there are blocks
  • Your current and potential partnerships, assessing which ones are congruent and which ones are out of alignment with your success
  • Your list of projects and goals for 2014 and how to make the most out of each endeavor
  • Which parts of your business no longer serve or support you
  • What you REALLY want to be doing and how to create the space and time to make it happen in 2014

During our session, if needed we may also release old behaviors, beliefs, and patterns that keep you stuck, and create NEW ways of being that align with your business’ natural rhythms.

Who are these sessions ideally suited for?

  • CEOs and other business owners who want to stop feeling drained by business and instead feel in vibrational alignment and happiness once again
  • Artists and screenwriters who want to know which ideas and projects will generate the best buzz and business
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to create purposeful partnerships and hire the best employees for their business
  • Anyone who’s ready to tap into their own intuition, accelerate

I’ve designed these one-on-one 60-minute sessions to give you the jump start you your business craves – just in time and in the start of 2014.

In one hour, we’ll get you on the fast track to your success in 2014.


What to expect from you’re an Business Intuitive Session…

Prior to our call, I’ll send you my Source Code Questionnaire that will give you the opportunity to identify questions, topic, concerns, and goals for our call.

We’ll then schedule our call and I’ll begin my tuning in process.

During our session, we’ll meet on the phone or skype and directly connect to your guides. As I tap into your Source Code, I’ll start receiving messages about topics such as:

  • Where you’re blocked in your business
  • What’s keeping the next level of success out of reach
  • The health of your current partnerships and client relationships
  • Who you need to connect with to accelerate your success
  • Which 2014 projects, ideas, and opportunities align with the vibration of your business, and how to prioritize
  • How you’re showing up in your business – and how to shift out of stuck and into accelerated success
  • And so much more!

These calls are powerful and reveal the deeper level of your work – not to mention the vibrational tone of your in pro.

This is a limited time offer which I hope you take advantage of

and come and play Soul to Soul with me.

When you buy one of these Business Intuitive Sessions before Valentines day, you save 50% just because you came to play with me on this free call.

Normally, my business clients pay $297 for these sessions, and i’m delighted to offer this special price to you just because you were brave enough to come on the call and say i’m willing to learn more. Cheers to you !!!

If this type of Intuitive Session calls to you please sign up below, you’ll pay just $147. That’s a 50% savings.

Give yourself or a loved one a little Happy Valentines Day love and purchase a session to help you tap into your Source Code of Success.

As soon as you purchase your session, you’ll receive an email with instructions for how to book your time with me.

Business Intuitive Session

Your Investment $297.00

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