Valentines Day always seems to be related to relationship love, but I feel that we need to focus on Soul love this week. Yes, that is right, Soul Love. Not the relationship you have with another, but instead the one you have with your Soul.

Part of my work is to help people like you attain your own soul’s connection and to think deeper about what you need to become in order to receive and serve your Soul. I encourage you to take time on February 14th to connect and exchange gratitude, love and appreciation with yours along with extending love to those amours in your life.

If this is your first time, place your hand on your heart and say to your Soul: “My beautiful Soul I am grateful and thankful for the many blessings you give my life. You are my light. You are my source connection to the creator. You are my true partnership and I am eternally grateful that you chose me to partner with on this trip we call life. Thank you.”

For many of us, Soul love is what we are looking for, but we do not realize it is the Soul inside of us we are really longing for. You know that spark of light people often talk about but have no idea how to relate to. Your Soul is the true source of you and connects you to the creator at the highest level and, imagine, it lives within your being.

I have been thinking of my soul and the comforting companion it is to me. I was inspired by a teaching I gave in one of one of my Soul Circle group coachings about its true relevance in our lives and how the group was misunderstanding and misaligned with theirs and the side effects this caused. I taught of what it is and what it is not, and how its co-creative expression in the world is critical for life success as a spiritual being. Many of them said they were humbled by the learning and walked away with greater clarity of how to start Soul and self living.

I have been mentoring spiritual and powerful seekers, visionary leaders who want to make their Soul’s impact on the world in many different areas, mothers, CEO’s, business leaders, writers, creative artists, real estate agents, social media guru’s, doctors, therapists, stock investors and regular people looking to rise for several decades now. I am honoured to be able to serve my Soul tribe, the world attracted to me and this work.

Mentorship, whether one-on-one or in large or small groups, is an intimately interactive and Soul based collaboration. It requires exploring decisions, deliberate actions, mental determination, pure devotion with divine mutual respect and trust. It takes a strong person to make the deep commitment required to your Soul’s path, awakening an internal longing to explore the inner unknown self, the digging of your reason, and the listening to your deepest desires that have been calling from the inside walls of your yearning to be whole within your entire self; mind + body + spirit.

I know about this very well as my Soul saved me on my journey many times, reaching for me as the human I am who agreed to the untruths told and imprinted into me from others. My Soul embraced me into knowing that is not who I am. That I am light, I am powerful, I am a creator, I am abundant and I am a prosperity goddess. I just had to hear myself inside and embrace my Soul fully.

When you fully understand that you cannot do it all alone and something from within calls to you to ask for support or invest in yourself, it is time to listen. If this blog has found you in a time of listening then I am happy to hear this because too often we say “no” to ourselves when we really need to say a big “YES”. Is the timing right for you now, are you finally saying I need to move some mountains and make my Soul’s impact on my life and world?

If you are, then trust me, a mentoring relationship is for you. It can accelerate your Soul success and journey with intoxicating results. You get up saying how did I get here so fast? The fun, my clients tell me, is the added bonus of working with an intuitive like me, who communicates with the higher realms and can zero in clairvoyantly on issues or problems and help you redirect away from them.  With the intuitive insights and actionable advice I offer as a mentor I save you time, energy and money and you stop fornacating with dead-end negative situations.

What is your secret desire? What is the impact you want to make in your life or perhaps in this world? Have you been dreaming of abundance that feels out of reach or way too scary to attempt, but you notice you cannot shake this feeling that you have to just do it? I was in all these places; I got myself a mentor and this changed everything for me. It may be as easy as that for you too, that today you decide to devote yourself to your Soul with the help of a soul mentor.

P.S. Did you know that I have a new program in development called “Soul Code Activation”? It will be a bootcamp where I offer my 25 years of soul based wisdom, tips and techniques for co-creation, soul purpose awakening and how to use your soul as leverage to become the life leader that you are meant to be. I haven’t started taking applications yet but I will let you know when it opens up. It will be an empowering and evolutionary experience. The journey of your soul’s purpose will be revealed alongside other Soul seekers and conscious life leaders in mentoring partnership with me. This is Divine to me; whether it is your business life, love life or personal happiness you are questioning, you will find answers, direction and strategies to attain Soul life success.

P.P.S. If you are ready NOW to unlock your soul, and begin creating your soul life successes, expand in yourself, in your life and spirituality, activate wealth, and build that dream business, I say buckle up and apply for mentorship with me and lets get you tapping into your soul power now. Click here to learn how you can do that!

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