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As psychic medium, spiritual teacher, business intuitive I felt that I needed another way to  communicate the information that I have been accumulating from 20 + years of working with clients. So I created an learning series to help people understand how to help themselves more deeply and profoundly. You see I love watching people grow in their soul and I love helping them unlock their unlimited potential, their intuitive intelligence and uncover what their true soul powers are in this world.

I love nothing more than unlocking an understanding and an awareness that brings my clients to their level of excellence, which is ultimately the level of fulfillment, purposefulness.   I feel passionate about helping people understand their connection to their own spirit and why it picked you and what makes you so unique and most importantly how to explore and what to do with that information. Through teaching and educating and inspiring and uplifting people we create results that are undeniably soulful and enlightened. But, with that come responsibility and that’s what I want to talk to you today about in episode 8.

This audio was inspired by a recent conversation that I had with somebody that I was trying to help go through something in their own awareness when it came to working with naturopaths and homeopaths and some of the cause and effects of doing so.  Now, I am a firm believer in all healing modalities.  I think that everything has a place and a space and a purpose and each person needs something different to be able to accomplish healing, transformation. The one thing that I have noticed quite often is, people in a crisis are running for rescue, they are running towards others help them rescue themselves from whatever conflicts or physical or emotional ailments they have. Often times this results in them going to see a homeopath or naturopath without doing their due diligence on the modalities the person will actually use on them, and what the cause and effect is of using these remedies.

This gets me going because I see it happening WAY too often all around me. Now I love homeopaths and naturopaths. A few of my really close friends are in this line of work but, in my line my work as a clairvoyant medium I too see people come to me smack in the middle of a crisis or in the middle of a breakdown and they need support, understanding. In speaking with them, channeling and getting information, I see, feel,  sense and know that they are doing some form of homeopathic treatment.  

Sometimes these forms of treatment are harmful. One of my client’s emotions were rising, natural they were  going through crisis, but what I learnt was they decided to do a liver cleanse at the same time and they weren’t properly informed of the side effects. They didn’t understand why they were feeling increased anger, frustrated, stress, and sheer overwhelm. While they knew something was going on, they didn’t fully understand the experience because the practitioner they were working with didn’t actually reveal to them that when you take tincture and when you take other homeopathic remedies you actually begin the journey of opening up the emotions and the energies that’s locked in those organs that you are working on healing.

When don’t have all the information and you don’t understand the side effects of taking remedies you put yourself at risk. You put yourself in a place where you don’t know what’s happening to your body and the healing that is trying to happen based on the remedies that you have received are not going to work because you are in judgment of the experience that you are having because nobody told you any better, so I’m enlightening you today so that you know better.  

“But there certified, I trusted the diploma on the way you say” Great! there are a lot of people who can be certified in naturopathy or homeopathy that aren’t necessarily qualified and responsible as practitioners.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s intentional it’s just that in every field of work there are people who take a high level of responsibility and there are people who really go with the flow. I see it all the time people have come to me in an actual breakdown and I find out it is because the practitioner they were working with didn’t explain to them the process that they were going to have, didn’t explain to them the emotional results that might manifest based on the work that they were doing with the homeopathic remedies or homeopathic tinctures, pills, tablets.

It’s so important that you know who and what you are dealing with and that you make sure you’re working with somebody responsible that will really take the time to explain to you in detail how long you have to take the remedies for, the side effects to help you to attain responsibility of the process that you are actually asking to have happen.  

Please don’t go into this experience and expect that what you are doing is going to fix you, what you are taking is going to fix you. Remedies from homeopaths or naturopaths are really about supporting the natural current of your ability to heal yourself through shifting energy, pulling up transformational opportunities through expressing and experiencing, un-lodging emotions that are locked within your body, your being, and your organs. Bringing you to a place of awareness that heightens your sense of clarity so that you can make the shifts and allow change to occur.  

They’re not fixers, they are supporters.  

This of course, is my opinion, it’s not a medical opinion, it’s a spiritual opinion and it’s an experiential opinion.  My believe is, if you are making recommendations for any kind of healing that there should a certain level responsibility, support and follow up. This will allow the person to feel empowered, aware and safe so they can go with the flow of the experience and they can run through the emotional processing that needs to happen to begin healing or they can get emotional support so they can understand that the internal reaction they may be having is really based on the power of the homeopathic remedies or the  naturopathic remedies.  I can’t stress enough how very important this is because if we are in the flow with what we are going through, because we understand what might happen we become empowered and actually accelerate the process of healing and transformation, very important.   

That there should be more education and that goes both ways practitioner and those individually seeking healing. Do your homework.  My advice about this topic is use your mind, don’t go to people to fix you, go to people to help you support fixing and healing yourself.  Ask questions, please, ask a lot of questions.  What is this going to do?  How long do I have to take it?  What should I do if something happens in regard to an emotional breakthrough or breakdown?  What is normal? Are there any consequences for me in taking this thing?  Will I  be tired?  Will I need to sleep more?  What should I do to help the process of journeying, healing and transformation along? 

By being mindful, by being powerful, you take self responsibility and make sure that you work with somebody who feels a sense of responsibility to make sure you are empowered in the process that you are going to go under.  From asking for help to taking the medicine that naturopath or homeopathic medicine recommended. You are taking responsibility for yourself.  You need to take yourself and this process seriously.  

This journey of healing in the body and mind is a serious one, especially if you’ve spent years resisting these healings that are available to you and you’re now going towards tinctures.  Without proper knowledge, guidance and education you could end up in a pretty intense situation so you need to know what that means and you need to know what to do and how to be efficiently there for yourself in every single way.  Ask your practitioner.  Make sure you pick one that you feel really takes care of you and is responsible for you.  The spiritual, energy healing community is an incredible  industry and I know there are so many amazing people out there.  I’ve had to find some on my own and let go of people who don’t take it in a responsible fashion that I think is credible and you don’t have to stick with anybody that doesn’t take you as seriously as you take yourself and your healing.

Not everyone is a match for everyone. I hope that you feel empowered from this conversation.  If you have any questions or any comments I would love to hear from you. Please leave them in the comment boxes below and as always I’m sending you an amazing and incredible love from my heart to yours, wishing you an empowered life, accelerated journey of excellence and until the next time we shall see you soon, bye for now.

Much love and healing,


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