17 Ways To Connect To Your Intuition !

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Seventeen important suggestions about how to help keep your intuition on track and how to prepare to use your Intuition each day.

      You are manifesting at all times, always creating dynamics as are those around you.
      Generate the type of energy you want in your life. It’s in your power and it’s your choice.
      Know yourself and love yourself. This is the most valuable attribute you can have.
      Be honest; with yourself, about yourself and with others.
      Learn to deal with stress on all levels.
      Be in tune with those around you.
      Shhh… stop and listen to your environment.
      Open your mind to think of others’ needs.
      Know when to enhance your opportunities.
      Communicate your needs clearly.
      Listen effectively.
      Accept responsibility.
      Keep learning about yourself.
      Maintain a positive attitude.
      Practice testing.
       moments that bring you to a better level internally and professionally by listening to your GUT talking to you
    When your Intuition says “try this”try it, when it say “don’t do this” – trust it
    Meditation is a great way to start you practice. Try one of my free guided ones:



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As a intuitive and physic medium, Lisa LaJoie was born with a gift of receiving messages from spirit. Today, she uses this gift to help individuals and businesses easily navigate life changing experiences, quickly find answers to life's tough questions and steadily reach greater heights and connect to their own powerful soul energy. Sign up for a discover call with Lisa to learn more about how she can help:

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