Seventeen important suggestions about how to help keep your intuition on track and how to prepare to use your Intuition each day.

    • You are manifesting at all times, always creating dynamics as are those around you.
    • Generate the type of energy you want in your life. It’s in your power and it’s your choice.
    • Know yourself and love yourself. This is the most valuable attribute you can have.
    • Be honest; with yourself, about yourself and with others.
    • Learn to deal with stress on all levels.
    • Be in tune with those around you.
    • Shhh… stop and listen to your environment.
    • Open your mind to think of others’ needs.
    • Know when to enhance your opportunities.
    • Communicate your needs clearly.
    • Listen effectively.
    • Accept responsibility.
    • Keep learning about yourself.
    • Maintain a positive attitude.
    • Practice testing.
    •  moments that bring you to a better level internally and professionally by listening to your GUT talking to you
    When your Intuition says “try this”try it, when it say “don’t do this” – trust it
    Meditation is a great way to start you practice. Try one of my free guided ones: